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North Lafourche Levee District Updates Lafourche Parish Council

Date:  December 10, 2013

Published by:  North Lafourche Levee District


At tonight’s Lafourche Parish Council meeting, Dwayne Bourgeois, Executive Director with the North Lafourche Conservation, Levee & Drainage District (NLLD) presented an update on significant issues effecting flood protection in North Lafourche and on the progress of NLLD’s flood protection projects.

The Levee District provided an overview of coastal land loss issues and the impact landloss is having on the North Lafourche drainage system.  Louisiana loses 25 sq. miles of coastal wetlands per year, making it the highest rate of coastal landloss in the world.

“As Louisiana loses its coastline and the Gulf of Mexico is moving further inland, it makes it increasingly more difficult to drain the water out of North Lafourche and provide flood protection for our communities. Coastal landloss effects North Lafourche and we continue to work on projects to protect our parish and our way of life,” explained Dwayne Bourgeois, executive Director of North Lafourche Levee District.

Bourgeois updated the Council on the status of the District’s work with 20 projects under construction, 25 projects in engineering, design and permitting, and 2 projects in pre-design.   The NLLD partners with Lafourche Parish on several projects including the Lafourche Parish Drainage Study and the Lockport to Larose Hydrology Study.  Bourgeois updated the Council on the following projects that have been completed this year, are under construction or will be put out to bid shortly.

  • Thibodaux Drainage Studies
  • Raceland / Mathews Area TLBB Flood Protection Project Elements 3 & 5 Levee Improvements
  • Thibodaux Internal Drainage Improvements
  • Valentine Area Lockport to Larose Levee Improvements, Reach C
  • Larose Continuity of flood Protection through Allied Shipyard
  • Valentine to Larose, repairs of weakened levee sections
  • Lockport Reaches A1 and A2 of the Lockport to Larose Levee System
  • Choupic / Chackbay 80 Arpent Canal Clearing / Maintenance Dredging Project
  • Lockport Claudet Return Levee Vegetation Clearing
  • Choupic / Chackbay Bayou Onion Canal Clearing / Maintenance Dredging Project
  • Northwest Thibodaux Drainage Improvements
  • Northeast Thibodaux Drainage Canal Clearing / Maintenance Dredging Project
  • Kraemer Zeller / Larousse Forced Drainage Area
  • Lockport Company Canal Clearing / Maintenance Dredging Project and related Mitigation Project
  • Matthews Canal Clearing / Maintenance Dredging Project
  • Company Canal Pump Station

“President Randolph and her staff have worked with us on many projects and we are grateful for her support as we continue to focus on building projects that protect our communities,” stated Cory Kief, NLLD Board President.

Bourgeois also provided an update on NLLD’s Comprehensive Flood Protection Plan which has identified much-needed levee and drainage projects throughout the District. The Comprehensive Plan has an estimated price tag of $250 million; however, NLLD‘s existing annual revenue is only $3 Million, which is raised from a current ad valorem tax.  This is a 124-year backlog of projects that needs to be funded and constructed in order to fully protect our North Lafourche communities.

Also this week, NLLD launched their new web site along with an enhanced public outreach initiative that includes live Internet streaming, an E-newsletter, a Facebook page and bi-annual presentations to the Lafourche Parish Council.  The new web site can be visited at and provides user-friendly access to many of the District’s resources.

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