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Current Projects


Morganza to the Gulf, Reaches K & L

DESCRIPTION: These are the easterly most reaches of the currently established Morganza to the Gulf Project. Reach K runs from Pointe Aux Chene (PAC) along Grand Bayou to the pipeline at the end of the existing SLLD Mitigation Levee in the PAC WMA.  The levee will cross Grand Bayou at this point with a deployable Flood Control Structure as Reach L.  The Reach L levee will continue along the east bank of Grand Bayou, cross Bayou L’Bleau with a Tanner gate, then turn east along the existing Apache Minerals fastland property tying into the South Lafourche Levee District system.

NLLD Aerial Vegetation Maintenance

DESCRIPTION: The maintenance program includes spraying of rights-of-ways, spoil banks, existing levees and aquatic vegetation throughout the district.  Canal banks and levees are added to the maintenance program as they are dredged and the banks are cleared.