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Company Canal Clearing, Dredging and Mitigation (Lower Bayou Folse, Lake Fields)

DESCRIPTION: This project includes clearing the Company Canal and adjacent rights of ways of any obstructions and vegetation from Bayou Lafourche to just beyond the Guyosa ridge. The NLLD hired Leonard Chauvin, Inc. as the Engineer for this project. Currently, the NLLD has received a US Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) permit to complete this work from Bayou Lafourche to just north of the Guyosa Rd. In order to receive this permit we needed to come up with a cost-saving method of providing the required mitigation for this project. We proposed and received USACOE approval of our permit mitigation project. This mitigation project involves dredging the lower portion of Bayou Folse adjacent to Lake Fields (aka the Camp Canal) from the Butch Hill Pump Station Outfall Canal (aka Sapia Canal) to the Company Canal near Lockport. In addition, the project involves dredging 8,700 feet along the northeast rim of Lake Fields. Spoil from these dredging activities will be used adjacent to the dredge areas to create emerged wetlands for mitigation and bank stability. The project has several parallel benefits. Dredging the Camp Canal will have recreational benefits to the camp owners in the Lake Fields Area. Additionally, it is believed by the LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as well as the Lafourche Fish and Game Commission that this action will improve the water quality in Lake Fields by allowing turbid and highly nutrient water from upper portions of the basin to by-pass the lake.

STATUS: The Lafourche Fish and Game Commission has committed $50,000.00 to the cost of the mitigation project. The NLLD hired Sea Level Construction as a contractor to clear the banks along the Company Canal and is using one of the District’s marsh buggy excavators to perform the maintenance dredging in the Company Canal. The mitigation portion of this project has been awarded to Week Marine and is nearly completed at this time.

Project COA 6700.51Z, Estimated Cost: $800,000.00

Mathews Canal Right of Way Clearing & Maintenance Dredging (Clotilda Levee)

DESCRIPTION: This 973 acre forced drainage system off of LA Highway 308 west of Lockport protects 27 residences, several businesses and other infrastructure. The system has approximately 16,500 feet of ring levees providing backwater flooding protection. Forced drainage of the area is accomplished with a single pump station with 3-30” diesel fueled, engine driven pumps. Overall, the ring levees are insufficient in height and profile. Hurricane Isaac did not top the levee system; but, it was threatened in several locations. Proposed improvements would include re-capping and re-shaping the entire ring levee, clearing and widening an internal drainage channel / culverts, and making improvements to the existing pump station.

STATUS: NLLD has hired J. Wayne Plaisance Engineers on behalf of the Parish as the Engineer for this project. The clearing of the Matthews Canal has recently been completed by the NLLD standard Marsh Buggy Excavator and the maintenance dredging will be completed before the end of the year.

Project COA 6700.52Z, Estimated Cost: $1,883,500.00



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