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Lockport to Larose Levee Project

Lockport to Larose 2 - Sept. 2013Lockport to Larose 3 - Sept. 2013Lockport to Larose 1 - Sept. 2013

DESCRIPTION: This large project includes major maintenance and re-sectioning of the levees from Lockport to Larose along the 40 Arpent Canal and Bayou L’ Bleau. Ultimately, this project will provide a levee with a height of 7.5 feet above sea level throughout its length.

STATUS: The NLLD hired J. Wayne Plaisance Engineers and David Waitz Engineers for design and surveying work for individual portions of this project. Work is now underway on Lockport to Larose, beginning in the Edna Plantation section near Valentine.


This project has the following short-term sub-projects within it:

Reach C – Parr to Defilice

DESCRIPTION: The current permitted project area for the Lockport to Larose project  is from the Parr Pump Station to just pass the Edgar Guidry Pump Station, referred to as Reach “C”.

STATUS:   Currently, the levees have been substantially completed from just east of the Edna Pump Station to the Parr Pump Station.  The plan is to continue work to the southern permit extent.

  • Reach C1 – Parr Pump Station to Barrios Pump Station
  • Reach C2 – Barrios Pump Station to Edna Pump Station.
  • Reach C3 – Edna Pump Station to Phillip Plaisance
  • Reach C4 – Phillip Plaisance to Edgar Guidry Pump Station
  • Reach C5 – Edgar Guidry Pump Station to Defilice

Project COA for current work section (center) is 6300.50Z.

Estimated Cost: $38,100,000.00

Reach D – Edgar Guidry Pump Station to Larose Pump Station

DESCRIPTION: This project section includes major maintenance and re-sectioning of the levees from the end of our currently permitted levee near the Edgar Guidry Pump station to the Larose Pump Station (11,000 Feet) at the GIWW. This entire levee section is in need of re-sectioning and additional elevation.

STATUS: The NLLD hired Angelette and Picciola as Engineers to evaluate project alignment alternatives and to prepare cost estimates accordingly. NLLD approved the alignment along the 40 Arpent as recommended by engineers and the LTL Reach D Committee.

Project COA 6300.61Z, Estimated Cost: $7,700,000.00


Levee at Allied Shipyard, Larose

DESCRIPTION: This project will provide a permanent and easily deployed solution to an existing low area in the current Lockport to Larose flood protection where the existing levee fails to connect to the 7 foot contour along the GIWW and Bayou Lafourche.

STATUS: A contract for this project was awarded to Sealevel Construction in August 2013 for $426,610.00. The project should be completed in April or May of 2014.

Project COA, 6300.53Z, Estimated Cost: $475,000.00


Weakened Levee Repairs, Valentine

Valentine WeakenedLevee 2 - Sept. 2013Valentine WeakenedLevee 1 - September 2013Valentine Weakened Levee 3 - Sept. 2013

DESCRIPTION: The section of levee along the 40 Arpent Canal from Valentine to Larose was poorly constructed and previously modified by removing the protected side berm. This causes a continuous maintenance requirement until the levee can be re-constructed as part of the Lockport to Larose Levee Project as described below as Reach “D”.

STATUS: The NLLD Deep-water Excavator, along with a LPG small track excavator completed a keying and recapping project in the summer of 2010. This levee reach has been re-sectioned as the material dried and settled. Subsequently, the NLLD Lockport to Larose Levee Project Committee decided to consider an engineered solution for the 2000 foot problematic section. An emergency action opportunity caused by the opening of the Morganza Spillway allowed the Parish, the NLLD, and the State to specifically address the weakened sections with work completing on 6/10/2011. The committee continued to consider temporary action in this area. Work was planned and was budgeted for the winter of 2011/2012. Engineering design and geotechnical was completed to make the interim repairs and the local impacted landowners had been contacted for RoW donations. Due to a lack of donations of borrow materials, the designed interim solution cost increased to an estimated $1,000,000.00. As such, the NLLD proposed a project with shared cost whereby the NLLD contributed $500,000.00, with the balance of the funds coming from the Parish or the State. The NLLD  received notice of an additional $500,000.00 in funding from the State Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA). The NLLD hired Picciola and Associates as an engineer to design and advertise / bid this project to address this issue as rapidly as possible. Project construction was awarded to Apeck Construction and construction has been completed.

Because the original bid amount was less than the $1,000,000 available, the contract was extended to repair another weakened section and adjacent levee in that area.

Project COA 6300.54Z, Estimated Cost $1,020,000.00


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