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TLBB Storm Water Flood Protection

Element 1 – Company Canal Levee

DESCRIPTION: This project involves the construction of a levee from LA 1 in Lockport along the north side of the Company Canal to the 40 Arpent Canal. Duplantis Design Group is the Engineer for this Project.

STATUS: Construction of the main portion of the levee has been completed. Total project amount funded by NLLD to date is $1,107,819.06.  The project was modified to omit a section of the planned levee where undocumented fill material had been placed along the planned levee alignment. This section of levee will have to be completed as an additional independent contract, once the material issue is resolved between the individuals who placed this material on the Parish Property and the Parish.

Project COA 6200.51Z, Initial Project Completion Cost Remaining: $190,533.75

Estimated cost to complete skipped section: $150,000.00


Element 3 – Butch Hill to Bayou Folse Levee

TLBB ELE 3 0713 033TLBB ELE 3 0713 029

DESCRIPTION: This project involves levee improvements from the Butch Hill Pump Station to the existing Pump Station in Bayou Folse.

STATUS: Construction completed.

Project COA 6200.53Z


Element 5 –  Bayou Folse to Dumar Levee

TLBB Ele5 0926213 (5)TLBB Ele5 0926213 (3)

DESCRIPTION: This project involves levee improvements along Bayou Folse, the Commotion Canal and Bayou Dumar from the new Water Control Structure in Bayou Folse to a new Pump Station / Water Control on Bayou Dumar near the intersection of Bayou Dumar and Lake Fields.

STATUS: Construction completed.

E5 Project COA 6200.55Z


Thibodaux, East 7th St. Drainage Study

DESCRIPTION: The NLLD has hired Leonard Chauvin, Inc. to work with other local engineering firms and the City of Thibodaux to study the contributing drainage areas for the East 7th Street drainage system and survey drainage along Audubon Street.

STATUS: The survey work has been completed.  A draft report has been generated and once approved, the information will be distributed to all parties for future use and information.

Project COA 4200.002, Project No. SP-1026, Estimated Cost: $13,000.00


Thibodaux Drainage Culvert Projects

DESCRIPTION: The following projects have been included at the request of the City of Thibodaux’s Department of Public Works. The NLLD is working with the City to coordinate the design and construction of the requested projects.

STATUS: The NLLD engaged Leonard Chauvin, Inc. for project design, development and management. Construction of these three projects was handled in a single bid announcement. A contract was awarded to KCR Construction for $339,500.00 with completion expected in July of 2014.

  • Thibodaux, Culvert Extensions West of Bayou Lane

Extension of culverts that pass under Bayou Lane towards the rear of the EDW new gym and installation of appropriate catch basins.

Project COA 6200.77Z, Estimated Cost: $228,321.00

  • Thibodaux, Culvert Installations along Bayou Lane

Installation of culverts and catch basins along Bayou Lane from the entrance of Peltier Park to the south west approximately 750 feet along the east side of Bayou Lane.

Project COA 6200.78Z, Estimated Cost: $74,801.00

  • Thibodaux, Culvert Installations within Peltier Park

Installation of culverts and catch basins approximately 400 feet near Peltier Park’s storage barn.

Project COA 6200.79Z, Estimated Cost: $183,501.00
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