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Thibodaux West Project Area

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St. Louis Canal

DESCRIPTION: This project involves clearing the St Louis Canal from Cardinal Drive in Thibodaux to the Southern Pacific Railroad in Schriever. NLLD has signed Intergovernmental Agreements with Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes addressing this project as most of this Canal is in Terrebonne Parish. Lafourche Parish has cleared the adjacent rights of ways. The plan is to use one of the North Lafourche Marsh buggy Excavators, operated by the Parish to clear the St. Louis Canal as described. Clearing of the canal will improve drainage in the Acadia Woods area, as well as other areas in the City of Thibodaux.

STATUS: Currently, the Parish has cleaned the St. Louis Canal from the Percy Brown Road to the railroad crossing. Also, the NRCS has approved a clearing project with Terrebonne Parish for clearing from the railroad crossing going south. Currently, the canal has been cleared of debris south of Highway 648 (Percy Brown Road.) by the Lafourche Parish Government with the NLLD Excavator and parish Equipment. The City of Thibodaux has requested the canal be swept from Cardinal Drive passed Audubon Ave to Highway 648. NLLD is considering options for addressing this section of the canal and has engaged T. Baker Smith for project development and management.

Project COA 6100.54Z, Estimated Cost: $100,000.00


Thibodaux, Canal Blvd & Hausley St. Drainage Study

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this project is to study the contributing drainage areas for the Hausley Street system. The Hausley Street culvert is the headwater for the St. Louis Bayou draining part of Thibodaux and portions of Terrebonne Parish. Additional water travels down Canal Blvd. and into Bayou Terrebonne.

STATUS: The NLLD hired T. Baker Smith to work with other local engineering firms to study the contributing drainage areas for the Haulsey Street system.  The study has been completed and a draft report is under review. Once approved, the information will be distributed to all parties for future use and information.

Project COA 4200.002, Project No. SP-1025, Estimated Cost: $10,000.00


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