Protecting People, Property and Our Way of Life

Developmental Phase

Project Name: West Choupic Storm Water Protection

Budget Value: $11,981,000.000

Project Area: Choupic

Description: The broadly defined project would include the completion of levees with gated culverts along Bayou Onion, Grand Bayou and other area canals to prevent storm water from entering the area. The project would also likely include a pump to remove rain water during high water events.

Project Name: Morganza to Gulf Lockport to Larose Reaches 1 and 4

Budget Value: TBD

Project Area: District Wide

Description:  This project includes the preliminary development of the Morganza to the Gulf alignment from the GIWW to the Company Canal which is part of the currently authorized section of this project along with extending the levee system to tie in with additional levee systems to offer greater protection for the district.

Project Name: Lockport to Larose Reach B 

Budget Value: $150,000

Project Area: Lockport-Larose

Description: This large project includes major maintenance and re-sectioning of the levees from the Claudet return levee to the Parr Pump Station (17,000 Feet). This entire levee section is in need of resectioning and requires additional elevation.

Project Name: Pump Station Study

Budget Value: $76,000

Project Area: Regional

Description: This project is intended to extend our influence into the proper operation of the pumps in our Parish to prevent possible damage to District levees and property inside a Forced Drainage Area (FDA) from over pumping.