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Valentine East Lockport to Larose Levee Project

DESCRIPTION: This project is in the very early stages of development. It would be similar to our west side Lockport to Larose Levee Project. The project would re-construct the existing drainage levees from Lockport to Larose into storm protection levees simultaneously improving internal drainage for the entire project area.

STATUS: The NLLD recently received $300K from State Capital Outlay to begin some planning for this project, however, that appropriation was not converted to a cash line of credit. The NLLD is working to assign this project to an Engineer for project design, development and permitting.

Project COA 6800.51Z, Estimated Cost: $35,600,000.00


Rita Pump District

DESCRIPTION: This 63-acre forced drainage system along LA Highway308 east of Lockport protects 100 residences, several businesses and other infrastructure. The system has approximately 1,950 feet of levees providing backwater flooding protection. Forced drainage of the area is accomplished with a single pump station with 1-20” diesel fueled, engine driven pump and 1-12” electric motor driven pump. Overall, the levees are insufficient in height and profile. Hurricane Isaac did not top the levee system; but, it was threatened in several locations. Proposed improvements would include re-capping and re-shaping the entire levee and making improvements to the existing pump station.

STATUS:  The NLLD has engaged an engineer (Leonard Chauvin, Inc.) to provide some survey work to address some internal drainage issues and the current levee heights. A project has been framed up which involves clearing the levee banks and in-house resources to establish an improved levee along the south bank of the Company Canal.

Project COA 6800.57Z, Estimated Cost: $764,000.00


Company Canal Pump Station

DESCRIPTION/STATUS : NLLD remains in a technical support role for this Parish project that includes a new pump station. It will take water from the 40 Arpent canal east of Bayou Lafourche, south of Lockport and discharge into the Company Canal on the Northern end of the Old Valentine Pump District.Additional funding from Lafourche Parish Drainage District #1 as well as an NLLD contribution of nearly $1 Million of cash and in-kind services will be provided for this project.

Project COA 6800.61Z, Estimated Cost: $100,000.00



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