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Levee District Awards Contract for Bayou Onion Dredging Project

By:  North Lafourche Levee District

March 28, 2014


HOUMA – At their Board meeting this week, the North Lafourche Conservation, Levee & Drainage District (NLLD) awarded the contract for the first phase of the District’s Bayou Onion clearing and maintenance dredging project.  The contract was awarded to a local contractor, Sea Level Construction, in the amount of $201,460.  The contractor has 120 days to complete this phase of the contract.

The project includes clearing Bayou Onion and the adjacent right of ways of obstructions and vegetation from the Dixie Canal which leads to Grand Bayou to the 80 Arpent Canal north of Thibodaux.  The next phase of the project will be the maintenance dredging and will likely be done by NLLD’s deep water excavator after the clearing is complete.  The project will improve drainage for the Thibodaux, Sugar Ridge and Choupic Communities.

“The North Lafourche Levee District has been working on a systematic approach to improving drainage for Thibodaux and the Choupic, Chackbay, Choctaw, and Kraemer communities.   This project is just one component of our larger plan to perform the clearing and the maintenance dredging of all of the major outflow channels that impact the drainage of these communities,” says Dwayne Bourgeois, Executive Director of NLLD.

The District has been working from the outside inward by clearing the clogged channels and banks leading to the major natural channels first.  The District has already completed clearing and maintenance dredging projects for the Boudreaux and Legendre Canals.

The District’s next clearing and maintenance dredging project will be the 80 Arpent Canal from Caldwell Plantation to Laurel Valley.  The project will be funded from the District as well as State Capital Outlay and is currently waiting on a permit from the Corps of Engineers.

Bourgeois added, “We recognize that drainage and flooding issues are one of the top concerns to the citizens of Lafourche Parish and the District strives to maximize its resources so that we can continue to provide flood protection to our communities throughout the District.”