Protecting People, Property and Our Way of Life

Thibodaux West

The boundary of the Thibodaux West Project Area is the area enclosed by a polygon beginning at the Lafourche Parish line from Bayou Lafourche at the northern most part of the Parish going southwest to the western most point (corner) of the Parish. Then it goes east, north and then east again along the Parish line. From this point the boundary meanders generally northeast along the Parish line to Canal Blvd where it then continues east and then southeast along the Parish line to the top of the Acadia Ridge. The boundary then follows the Acadia Ridge north to the Percy Brown Road where it continues towards the northwest then west along the Acadia Ridge (old railroad corridor) across Canal Blvd, along Lawrence Avenue to Ridgefield Road. The boundary then continues northwest up west bank of Bayou Lafourche to the point of beginning. The 2010 Census shows a population of 14,899 in this Project Area which represents a 3% increase in population over the last 20 years with a 4% increase in the last 10 years.



Leighton / Morvant /Welcome Pump and Levee System: This huge drainage basin, which also includes contributing drainage from portions of Assumption and Terrebonne Parish, encompasses a total of 14,074 acres, 12,678 of which are in Lafourche Parish. Overall the system includes approximately 40,000 feet of levees, most of which is in Lafourche Parish. This forced drainage system, which includes the Leighton, Morvant and Welcome pump stations protects approximately 4300 residences along with many businesses, schools and other infrastructure west of Thibodaux. The following individual projects have been identified in this sub-area:

  • Leighton Levee Improvements: This project involves excavating and enlarging the borrow canal adjacent to the Leighton Levee to provide a lift of approximately 15,000 feet to the existing Leighton Levee to a finished height of 7.5 feet. Overall, the ring levees are insufficient in height and profile. The project also includes channel improvements

Project COA 6100.50Z, Estimated Cost: $308,750.00

  • Leighton / Morvant Pump and Area Drainage Improvements: Development and the removal of historical detention in the area are beginning to place demands on the existing drainage for this area. The Leighton Pump Station currently has 3-36” diesel fueled, engine driven pumps, 1-36” electric motor driven pump and 3-48” diesel fueled, engine driven pumps. The Morvant Pump Station currently has 2-36” and 2-48” diesel fueled engine driven pumps. Broadly scoped, this project includes improvements to both pump station, improving the access to the Morvant Pump Station, adding large detention reservoirs and major improvements to internal drainage canals and ditches.

Project COA 6100.51Z, Estimated Cost: $7,412,350.00

  • Morvant Levee Improvements: This project involves excavating and enlarging the borrow canal adjacent to the Morvant Levee to provide a lift to approximately 25,000 feet of the existing Morvant Levee to a finished height of 7.5 feet. Overall, the ring levees are insufficient in height and profile. The project also includes channel improvements. The NLLD Std. Amphibious Excavator performed a recent maintenance sweeping of the pump reservoir from the pump to the Parish line. This level of work is complete. Final levee re-sectioning remains to be completed.

Project COA 6100.52Z, Estimated Cost: $100,000.00

Terrebonne – Lafourche Drainage Canal: This project includes clearing the canal of obstructions from the Leighton and Morvant Pump Stations to the Southern Pacific Railroad crossing. The Leighton Pump Station outfall canal was cleared from the Leighton Pump Station to the intersection with the canal in January 2010. Overall, the project would entail complete clearing of the canals and adjacent rights of ways and maintenance dredging of the canals.
Project COA 6100.53Z, Estimated Cost: $1,400,000.00

St. Louis Canal: This project involves clearing the St Louis Canal from Cardinal Drive in Thibodaux to the Southern Pacific Railroad in Schriever. We have a signed Intergovernmental Agreement with Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes addressing this project as most of this Canal is in Terrebonne Parish.. Lafourche Parish has cleared the adjacent rights of ways. The plan is to use one of the North Lafourche Marsh buggy Excavators, operated by the Parish to clear the St. Louis Canal as described. Clearing of the canal will improve drainage in the Acadia Woods area, as well as other areas in the City of Thibodaux. Currently, the Parish has cleaned the St. Louis Canal from the Percy Brown Road to the railroad crossing. Also, the NRCS has approved a clearing project with Terrebonne Parish for clearing from the railroad crossing going south. Currently, the canal has been cleared of debris south of Highway 648 (Percy Brown Road.) by the Lafourche Parish Government with the NLLD Excavator and parish Equipment. The City of Thibodaux has requested the canal be swept from Cardinal Drive passed Audubon Ave to Highway 648. NLLD is considering options for addressing this section of the canal and has engaged T. Baker Smith for project development and management.
Project COA 6100.54Z, Estimated Cost: $100,000.00

Acadia Woods Ring Levee, Detention & Pump: It is believed that one possible solution to the occasional street flooding in the Acadia Woods Area would involve providing a small ring levee system along the back edge of the western property owners with a ditch tied into a detention pond and a small pump station. Other options for improving drainage in the area are also under consideration by the NLLD. We have engaged T. Baker Smith for project development.
Project COA 6100.55Z, Estimated Cost: $850,000.00

Little Al Drainage Area Improvements: This 295 acre forced drainage system in the Thibodaux area protects 31 residences and a few businesses. The system has approximately 12,200 feet of ring levees providing backwater flooding protection. Forced drainage of the area is accomplished with a single pump station with 1-36” diesel fueled engine driven pump. Overall, the ring levees are insufficient in height and profile. This system was most recently threatened by the opening of the Morganza Spillway in the spring of 2011. Proposed improvements would include re-capping and re-shaping the entire ring levee, internal channel improvements and replace the existing pump station. The NLLD will be engaging an Engineer to develop the scope for this project.
Project COA 6100.56Z, Estimated Cost: $1,297,000.00

Other Non-Capital Projects in the Project Area:

  • Thibodaux, Canal and Haulsey Street Drainage Study: The NLLD has hired T. Baker Smith to work with other local engineering firms to study the contributing drainage areas for the Haulsey Street system. The Haulsey Street culvert is the headwater for the St. Louis Bayou draining part of Thibodaux and portions of Terrebonne Parish. The study is nearly complete at this time. A draft report is under review and once approved, the information will be distributed to all parties for future use and information.

Project COA 4200.002, Project No. SP-1025, Estimated Cost: $10,000.00