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Several Levee and Drainage Projects Underway Throughout North Lafourche

North Lafourche Levee District has awarded $5 million in construction contracts for six projects since January to strengthen flood protection in the area.


August 14, 2017

By:  North Lafourche Levee District


The North Lafourche Conservation, Levee & Drainage District (NLLD) is making substantial progress on its commitment to improve flood protection and drainage in North Lafourche and even more activity is expected in the months ahead.

In July, the NLLD awarded three contracts for levee and drainage projects that will strengthen flood protection and improve drainage for Lafourche Parish residents and businesses, which comes on the heels of three other projects approved for construction earlier in 2017.  These six projects are valued at over $5 million and signal the start of increased levee and drainage work that the District plans to execute with local tax dollars that is further leveraged with bond proceeds and State funds.

Contracts were awarded at the July 18 Board of Commissioners meeting for the Lockport to Larose Valentine Return Levee Drainage Structure, Phase 1A of the Zeller/Larousse Forced Drainage Area, and Mathews Canal/Clotilda Levee Upgrades.  In January, March and May , contracts were awarded for the Parr Pump Station, South Thibodaux Drainage Project, and Larose Valentine Return Levee Project respectively.

“These and all of our planned projects are critical to increase flood protection and improve drainage throughout North Lafourche, and we are eager to get this work underway,” explains NLLD Executive Director Dwayne Bourgeois.

“The people of North Lafourche can expect to see much more levee and drainage work like this in the months and years ahead as the District delivers on our commitment to protect our community, people, and way of life,” he says.

The Valentine Return Levee Drainage Structure project involves the construction of structural headwalls with large gated culverts to regulate and control the water flow through the borrow canal at the intersection of the Valentine Return Levee and the C4 Hurricane Protection Levee in the Lockport to Larose area. NLLD awarded the contract for this work to Sealevel Construction, Inc. of Thibodaux, who was the low bidder for the project at $1,299,650. The drainage structure complements the Lockport to Larose Valentine Return Levee Project, which was awarded to Low Land Construction Co. of Houma on May 16 at a cost of $1,261,615.

Sealevel Construction, Inc. was also the low bidder for the Zeller/Larousse Forced Drainage Area Project – Phase 1A, and a contract was awarded for $1,014,875. The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has committed $1 million to complete this first phase of work.

The 420-acre Zeller/Larousse Forced Drainage System in the Kraemer Community protects 234 residences, several businesses, and other infrastructure. The system has approximately 33,417 feet of ring levees providing backwater flooding protection and forced drainage is accomplished with two pump stations.

Phase 1A of the project consists of clearing vegetation along the existing ring levee system and re-capping and re-shaping degraded areas of the levee in preparation for the next project phases that will improve road embankments along LA Hwy. 307 near the Bayou Bouef Bridge and along Bayou Road, make improvements to the pump stations, add pump connections and capacity across Kraemer Road, and other drainage channel improvements.

 A $970,059 contract was awarded to Low Land Construction Co., Inc. for right-of-way clearing and maintenance dredging as part of the Mathews Canal/Clotilda Levee Upgrades. This 973-acre forced drainage system in the Gheens area has approximately 16,500 feet of ring levees providing backwater flooding protection. Upgrades for the entire project include clearing and widening internal drainage canals, widening the levee base and increasing levee elevation, re-capping and re-shaping the ring levee, and improving the existing pump station.

At its March 21 meeting, the NLLD Board of Commissioners awarded a contract to Byron E. Talbot Contractor, Inc. for the South Thibodaux Drainage Project in the amount of $766,444.  This project involves the addition of a larger outfall canal to improve drainage in the City of Thibodaux.  A contract in the amount of $97,150 was awarded on January 17 to Sealevel Construction, Inc. for an additional 48” pump and other upgrades at the Parr Pump Station in the Lockport to Larose area. NLLD purchased the pump from M&L Engines for $168,158.  That work was completed in June.

The NLLD is currently working on or has recently completed eight levee and drainage projects around the District.  A list of these projects as well as other completed projects, and projects in design and out to bid can be found online at

The NLLD was formed in 1992 to provide flood protection for the northern portion of Lafourche Parish, including the entire parish north of the Intracoastal Canal.  NLLD includes over 250 miles of levees and drainage canals and over 40 pump stations.